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York Penn Machinery is your full-service, new & used machine tools PA sales distributor.

CNC Machine Sales

Manual Machine Tool Sales and CNC Machine Tool Sales

York Penn Machinery is a distributor of Manual Machine Tool Sales in York as well as a distributor of CNC Machine Tool Sales in York, PA. We are headquartered in York, Pennsylvania and service the United States. We offer a full line of quality CNC Machine Tools and Conventional Machine Tools. With more than 75 years of national machinery sales experience in the machine tool industry, York Penn Machinery has become one of the premiere manual machine tool distributors and CNC machine tool distributors in Pennsylvania. Our main goal is to represent products we know are of excellent quality and offer them to our customers. New or used machine tools, if we cannot offer you a quote on what you are looking for, we will recommend the best place we know of that can fulfill your needs. This is our promise that has allowed us to gain a reliable reputation and continuously grow our company in the machine tool distributor industry.
CNC Machine Tool Sales
We promote the best value of CNC Machine Tools for the right application. We also service what we sell. We can quote the production type CNC tool or the stand alone type which provides the competitive edge to the customer.
  • Victor: Taichung (Fortune), VMC’s, HMC’s, Turning Centers
  • Kingston: Turning Centers
  • Absolute-Johnsford: Turning Centers, HMC’s, VMC’s
  • Komo Machine, Inc.: Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Routers
  • Lucas: Fermet HBM's, Cylindrical Grinding Machines
  • Clausing Industrial: Turning Centers, Bed Mills, Smart Turning Centers
  • Murata: High Production Multi-Axis Chuckers and Cells
Conventional Machine Tool Sales
We recognize there is still a substantial need for manual or conventional machine tools. We believe our suppliers will be a great choice of machine tools for the small job shop, tool and die shop, and tool room facilities.
  • Clausing Industrial: Mills, Lathes, Grinders, Drills, and Saws
  • Kingston: Lathes and Mills
  • Supertec: Grinding Machines, ID., OD., Surface, Gear, Centerless, Rotary, CNC, Vertical
  • Baileigh Industrial: Full line of Conventional and CNC Machine Tools
  • Kalamazoo Industries: Sanders, Saws, Dust Collectors
  • Walter Meier: Wood Working, Arboga Drilling Machines, Powermatic Machinery
  • Heidenhain and Acu-Rite: Linear Glass Scales and Digital Readout Displays
Fabrication Machine Tool Sales
As a machine tool distributor, we represent many quality fabrication machine tool manufacturers to help you with your sawing, punching bending rolling, laser cutting and water jet machines.
  • Koike Aronson Ransome: Cutting, Positioning, Welding
  • Betenbender: Brakes, Shears, Punch Presses
  • National: Shears, Brakes, Rolls
  • Uni-Hydro: Ironworkers
  • W.F. Wells: Horizontal Band Saws
  • Cosen: Band Saws
  • Dake: Vertical Band Saws, Presses
Specialty Machine Tool Sales
Specialty Machine Tools are machines that do something beyond the norm of regular machining. Special machines are needed in industry and York Penn recognizes the need to provide the unique services in helping with specialty applications.
  • Precihole: Deep Hole Drilling, Gun Drilling, Boring, Trepanning, Hole Finishing, Skiving, Burnishing, Honing, Reaming, Lapping, Facing, Centering, Chamfering, Broaching, Rifling, Cut Rifling
  • Hansford: Davis Keyseater, Keyway Cutting
  • Fortune: Plastic Injection Molding Machines

Manual Machine Tool and CNC Machine Tool Line

Fortune Machine Tools

Victor Taichung Machinery uses the brand name "Fortune" in North America, but it is know as "Victor" throughout the rest of the world. Fortune International has a full line of quality CNC Turning and Machine Centers. York Penn Machinery sells and services the complete line of Fortune Plastic Injection Molding Machines, Horizontal and Vertical Machining Centers and Turning Centers.

Absolute Machine Tools

A full line of Johnford Machine Tools are offered including Johnford Horizontal Machining Centers, Johnson Horizontal Boring Mills, Johnford Large Horizontal Slant Bed Turning Centers, sliding column bridge mills, vertical machines and customized state-of-the-art CNC machines at competitive prices. Absolute also represents: AccuteX EDM, You Ji Vertical Turning, Nexturn Swiss CNC and Tongtai.

Kingston Machine Tools

YPM sells and services the full line of Kingston Manual Lathes, Kingston CNC Lathes including flat bed lathes, slant bed lathes and teach lathes and Kingston Milling Machines. Kingston machines include a superior design and are built with top quality materials since 1949.

Lucas CNC Horizontal Boring Mills

We sell the Lucas CNC Boring Mills, table and floor boring mills. Standard or customized and cylindrical grinding machines, York Penn Machinery can equip your Lucas CNC Horizontal Boring Mill with a number of accessories from quality manufacturers to provide the exact milling machine to fit your machining needs.

Clausing Machine Tools

Clausing Industrial has been producing quality turning centers and bed mills since 1911. Whether you are searching for a Clausing CNC Lathe, Clausing CNC Mill, vertical Machining Center, saw, grinder of drill, York Penn Machinery can sell and service your needs to the standard you expect.

EcoTech Machinery

YPM sells a full line of EcoTech Manual Cylindrical Grinders and CNC Cylindrical Grinders, EcoTech Internal Grinders and CNC Internal Grinders, EcoTech Surface Grinders, Universal Cylindrical Grinders and EcoTech Roll Grinders. EcoTech Machinery has been manufacturing reliable machine tools for more than 28 years.

Murata Machinery

Muratec Murata Machinery USA produces innovative turning and fabrication machines with automation options to increase your production speeds. YPM sells and services the full line of Murata Machine tools. World leader in turning machines, textile machines and other machine tool technology.


Founded in 1954, Supertec is a top machine tool builder specializing in centerless machines, cylindrical machines and surface grinding machines. YPM sells and services the full line of Supertec manual and CNC machines.

Kalamazoo Industries

York Penn Machinery is a a Kalamazoo Industries dealer. We sell and service Kalamazoo Industries Abrasive Cut Off Saws, Kalamazoo belt sanders, combination sanders, kalamazoo finishers and special machines made to your specifications. Kalamazoo Industries is American Made industrial machinery since 1960.

JPW Industries

York Penn Machinery carries a full line of JPW Industries machine tool brands including metalworking and woodworking products such as Jet Machine Tools and Powermatic Machinery.

Heidenhain and Acu-Rite

YPM carries a full line of Heidenhain and Acu Rite digital readout display systems, linear encoders and linear glass scales for machine tools. Acu-Rite digital readouts enable your manually operated machine tools to become more profitable and improves productivity of your workplace. YPM provides effective linear scale and digital readout systems retrofitted to to your machine tools.

Koike Aronson Ransome

YPM is a distributor of Kolke Aronson Ransome, a worldwide manufacturer of high-quality Metal Cutting, Welding, and Positioning equipment. Kolke Aronson Ransome has more than 90 years of experience manufacturing various types of metal cutting, welding and positioning equipment. Metal cutting equipment includes plasma cutting, oxy-fuel cutting, waterjet cutting and laser cutting machines. Welding machines include automatic welding equipment, robotic welding equipment, vertical welders and weld seamer equipment.

National Sheet Metal Machine

York Penn Machinery carries the highest quality American Made Betenbender Hydraulic Shears, Betenbender Hydraulic Press Brakes, C Frame Presses and other Betenbender hydraulic machines. Since 1972, Betenbender Manufacturing has continually updated designs to meet customers’ needs.

National Sheet Metal Machine

In business since 1977, National is the number one brake and shear manufacturer in North America. YPM carries a full line of National Sheet Metal Machines including metal shears, air shears, hydraulic shears, mechanical shears, bench brakes, box & pan brakes and hand brakes. Superior quality meeting OSHA requirements and replacement parts in stock for quick repairs if ever needed.

Uni-Hydro Ironworkers

Uni-Hydro produces the finest ironworkers in the industry. Revolutionizing the industry since 1976 and the only one manufacturing six-barrel punching turrets. YPM sells and services Uni-Hydro’s Ironworkers including the Uni-Hydro 40 Ton Punching Turret, T40-14 and the Super Turret with the 6” open throat punch at a 56 ton capacity.

W.F. Wells Bandsaws

W.F. Wells Bandsaws are made in the U.S.A. in Three Rivers, Michigan. Highest-quality and reliable horizontal bandsaws in various models that handle any requirements of the metal cutting industry. YPM sells and services the full line of W.F. Wells Bandsaws.

Dake Vertical Bandsaws

YPM sells and services the full line of Dake Vertical Bandsaws. Industrial strength Dake Bandsaws are engineered for a long lasting vertical bandsaw performance. Bandsaws offered are the Dake 14-10 Series Bandsaw, Dake Industrial Bandsaws, Dake Trademaster Bandsaw and the Dake Work-A-Matic Bandsaw.


Since 1976, Cosen has grown into one of the world’s largest professional band saw manufacturers. A wide range of band saws in various commercial and industrial sizes are offered including Cosen AH-Series Band Saws, Cosen Billet Band Saws, Cosen Custom designed band saws, Cosen Traversing Head Vertical Saws, Cosen Programmable Automatic Mass Production saws and Cross Cutting Plate Saws.

Precihole Machine Tools

Precihole manufacturers and provides deep hole drilling machine tools including the Precihole Deep hole drilling machines, Precihole gun drilling machines, Precihole boring machines, Precihole trepanning machines, hole finishing machines, skiving machines, burnishing machines, honingmachines, reaming machines, lapping machines, facing machines, centering machines, chamferring machines, broaching machines, rifling machines and Precihole cut rifling machines.

Precihole Machine Tools

York Penn Machinery is a proud dealer of Hansford Davis Keyseaters. Top-quality keyseaters, keyway cutting machines to cut straight-sided shapes for non production parts.

Baileigh Industrial Machines

York Penn Machinery is a Baileigh Disributor offering Baileigh’s full line of metalworking and woodworking machine tools including Baileigh Tube & Pipe Benders, Sheet Metal Brakes, Rolls & Shears, Plasma Tables, Presses, Forming & SShaping Machines and Drills, Mills and Lathes. Baileigh has been producing quality machines for 16 years and many of their best-selling products are made in the USA!

Komo Machine, Inc.

Komo Machine, Inc. manufactures a complete line of high quality precision CNC routers and machine centers. York Penn Machinery has partnered with Komo and sells and services Komo CNC Routers which are manufactured in the USA.
Kingston CL38 & CL58 - Threading Pipe @ Top Threading
Kingston HJ 1700 @ Systronix
Kingston HR 8000 - Long Bed 320" Lathe @ Fogle Manufacturing
Kingston HK & HPX models - Big Bore Oil Country Lathes @ mPact Downhole